Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jr. High Basketball Day 10

I worked all day, then went to the car to go to my son Jon's first basketball game of the season. Alas, a flat tire. Ughh! My boss and a co worker put on the donut tire and off I went. I stopped at a tire place and found out the tube in the tire had a puncture in it from a piece of rubber. It was fixable, but I'll have to get a new tire soon.
Anyway I made it to the game just in time! The boys were warming up. Jon is #5.

I'll be looking forward to more games. I need A LOT of practice shooting this sport! Jon waiting on the bench.

Huddle time...well I think that's what it is called.

The ball was spinning round and round! It didn't go in though.

Jon waiting to get in the game!

Jon on the side of the court, he just threw the ball to his team mate.

The boys played a pretty good game. It was the first and they never gave up, even though they trailed in points the whole time.

Game over and the congratulatory handshake at the end...Until next time.

Another day closer to my dream. It was a good day, even with the little bump of flat tire and the loss of the game. Tomorrow it's suppose to snow. I'm looking forward to taking photos of that! Be blessed :-)
Dream Big or don't dream at all!