Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowy Day and Filter Fun Day 11

I awoke this morning expecting to see snow, but alas it had not arrived yet. All that was visible was a shear glaze of ice all over my car. I scraped it off and went to work. The roads were fine.
At around 10 am the snow that was predicted finally showed up. The winds picked up and the temps turned down. It wasn't long before the school called to say they were letting the kids out early, 11:30 am.
I love watching the snow come down. I had a couple more hours to work. I got a couple pics in on the way home. I didn't have my plastic protective cover for my camera so I couldn't get a lot of shots. I did however have fun playing with the shots I got.
This shot I added a painterly filter too. To me it really captured the day, cold, snowy and nothing was clear.

This is the same shot with a fractilus filter. I think I'll get a large print of this one. I really love how it turned out!

The next to photos are of the road I drove home on. I took the dirt roads as they are less slick in these conditions.

After I got home safe sound and warm. I noticed ice crystals forming on the door window. I decided to play a bit with those as well. A fun day!
The next two photos are the same pic, the second one I applied a cool filter too.

Last but not least, this is the original barn shot. It's okay but I find it rather boring compared to the ones I added filters too.

A wonderful snowy day! One more day closer to my dream.