Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Give up or Fight Day 14

You never know what a day will bring. You just have to take it as it comes. I woke up to below freezing temps.

Brrr way cold, but my trusty little KIA started! I let it run awhile so it would be warm. Today I was taking my cat Cookie to the vet. I drove to Bridgeport, went into the vet office and had to leave Cookie. They were super busy and needed to work her in. My phone is off due to lack of funds, so I asked them to call my son at his place of work.
After leaving the vet office, I drove past the river and it looked so beautiful! However I couldn't see a way to get close enough to get any photos, so I proceeded to the Bridgeport State Recreational Area. It was pretty enough there, so I drove around and took a few pics.

Can you see the steam coming up off the water? I love the sparkly snow and sun made it seem warmer than it really was.

I proceeded to drive around a bit and take more photos. Then out of no where I heard a "You should go back to the river" Figuring I have plenty of time I drove back that way. As I was driving over the bridge I noticed a road that led straight to the river bank. Now I have been down here many times and have never noticed it before. I turned the car around and proceeded back over the bridge and made a turn onto this little road. Perfect location to get out and walk beside the North Platte River.
The cold didn't bother me at all. It was so fresh and pretty out and I love watching the Canada Geese.

I found the ice chunks floating down the river fascinating! The steam coming up off the water meeting the cold air, just gave everything a magical cast. Like always I took tons of shots and I'll share a few here.

January 14, 2013, quite the gorgeous day! I walked back to the car and proceed to drive to the gas station. I put my debit card in and waited to pump. WHAT? Sale Declined! WHAT? I just put my check in the bank. I went inside to try the card there figuring there had to be a mistake. Nope same thing came up "Sale Declined" Now I have had this checking account for 7 yrs. Never a bad check or declined anything! I promptly got back in my car and headed for the bank. Crying and wondering what had gone wrong? Oh no and I had Cookie at the vet!
I went to the bank and they said my account had been frozen. A garnishment from Capitol One. This can't be right, I haven't had a Capitol One card since the late 90's and that has long since been taken care of! Nothing the Bank can do, I have to go to the court house.
My son works at a store next to the bank, so I go in there just sobbing. I had to use his phone to call the vet and ask them not to look at Cookie, as I now have no way to pay for it. They said okay and I let them know I would be there soon too pick her up. Call two, I had to call my landlady as my rent check had yet to show up in the bank and when it does, the funds are now frozen. Wow I'm thankful she was very understanding to say the least. She is a total blessing for sure.
I'm very upset at this point, but all I can do is go get my cat and pray for the best. When I got to the vet, they had examined Cookie and decided she had neurological issues. They gave me the medicine she needed and the bill that was zero, thanks to a kind soul! WOW now that was amazing!
I drove Cookie home, gave her the medicine and laid her in her favorite spot by the heater. I borrowed my son's phone and called the court house. The lady at the clerks office was so nice and said she would have the papers to fight this ready when I got there. I took this photo through the passenger window, while I was waiting for a train.
The Sugar Factory

I made it to the court house and filled out the proper paperwork and I have a court date to fight the garnishment, on Jan. 25, 2013. I will fight this. It's not my bill for one and for two, I haven't had a credit card since 2001 and that was a Chase card which is already satisfied and canceled. I live Credit Card free. Credit cards are bad news in my book. I also checked my credit report and there is nothing on it to do with this. I checked one from a couple years ago as well and nothing on either one from Capitol One. What's in your Wallet?? I hope it's not a +Capitol One card!
What a stressful day, I was so emotionally drained last night. However I did get my spirits lifted by watching the setting sun.

One day closer to my dream, one day of deciding to fight and not take any crap. Have a wonderful day and remember God is always with you! Be Blessed :-)