Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Moon & Jupiter Day 21

I got woke up early today. My son missed the bus, thankfully my other son had to work and he drove him to school. I was tired all morning so about 9 am I went back to bed. I had the most vivid dream. I was living in this huge house by the ocean. It was an upstairs apartment, but it had like 6 bedrooms and lots of windows. I had to go down some back stairs and through a restaurant kitchen to take the dogs out. The landlady was fixing soup and one the dogs licked the pot. She was going to evict me for that!
I got the dogs down to the beach and we went walking. It was a beautiful day. The skies were blue as blue could be, with white fluffy clouds. The beach started to change and it went uphill. There were penguins and dolphins jumping into a waterfall. Yes it just kept getting weirder! Then instead of walking the dogs, I was pushing them in a baby stroller! The road kept filling up with water and I had to have someone help me get the dogs out of the stroller.
Then as dreams go, I'm suddenly in a house having an interview about a photography job. This place was full of actors and they were doing a play. The boss just happened to be the landlady's husband and he said he'd have a staircase built off my apartment so the I wouldn't have to go through the kitchen.
When I finally woke up, I had been asleep for almost 4hrs! Wow I must have been tired! Anyway later in the afternoon I went out to get my photo for the day. Nothing was really catching my eye though. I did take some of the moon, some of the ground, some of the woodpeckers that come to the feeder and later tonight I took more of the moon and Jupiter.
After I loaded the pics up on the computer I noticed I had captured Jupiter this afternoon as well. Here are a few of the shots I got today.
THE MOON & JUPITER in the East Sky about 3:40pm

The Ground

My dog Foxy Roxy. I think this one needs a cool caption. Can you think of a good one?

Ms. Hairy

Mr. Squeaky

Mrs. Sqeaky

The Moon and I think Jupiter tonight around 10:45pm

It was a nice pleasant day...one day closer to my dream...