Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mr. Squeaky Day 9

Mr. Squeaky is a male downy woodpecker who frequents my bird feeding area. I like to give the birds names. I think that makes bird watching even more fun. This little guy isn't shy and he doesn't mind me taking his pics. He's a handsome fella for a bird.

Mr. Squeaky stayed in this spot so long, I wondered if he had his little beak stuck! :-)

I think he hears my camera, but he still sticks around.

One thing I noticed while watching the woodpeckers, is they rarely use the feeder at the same time. They take turns. Tonight I noticed that Mr. Squeaky was putting the suet into the tree!

I just love Mr. Squeaky's red feathers.

One more day closer to nature and one more day closer to my dream. Be blessed and try to notice the little things. :-)