Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Multiplicity Day 15

Today was an internet research day. I found out a lot of good information about consumer rights. Not only do you need to file for a hearing, you need to also file a property exemption. Each state has different but similar laws regarding creditors or bottom feeder collection agencies from robbing you blind. Anyway I should be able to get my bank account unfrozen!
Since today I was just stressed out and tired from all the reading, oh and I got another bill from a creditor that is NOT mine! ( I already sent them a dispute letter and contacted a lawyer who specializes in suing Northland Corp. Inc)....
While I was doing research online and checking in on Facebook here and there, I stumbled upon a tutorial for Multiplicity. It was on Photoshop Roadmap and it stars this really cool dude who is a photoshop whiz! Here is what I came up with. This is me all stressed out, in sweats, no makeup, hair not combed...but oh well I didn't have enough energy to try to good. LoL

This was so fun and really let me get a bit of stress out. The tutorial for how to do this is here: http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/video/yt/3spT03p0XAQ/
I am going to do this again sometime, in a different location. It's totally fun you should try it. I'd love to see yours! If you do it, just leave a link to yours in the comment section below. Thanks!
Another day closer to my dream....