Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayers & Duct Tape! Day 18

It was a gorgeous morning. I got a ride to work and a ride after to work to get a few errands done.

There have been many prayers said for me this week. I appreciate that so much. I have such awesome friends! One suggested to try the car again. I did and nothing happened. I decided to lift the hood and check again. One of the hoses has duct tape on it and I squeezed that and noticed the tape was loose. Just for fun I tried to start the car again. V room V room V room!! It started! I got some more duct tape and re-tapped the hose. I put some more anti freeze in the radiator and drove to the store. I'm so relieved it started! I'll still need to get another car soon, but for now it's working!

A day with a wave of relief! I'll take that! One day closer to my dream...another thanks to all the folks who took time to say prayers!