Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What to Shoot? Day 2

I sat around today wondering what I should take a photo of for my 365 blog. I knew from looking out the window and checking the weather site that it for sure wasn't going to be as gorgeous as the hoar-frost from yesterday.
So I thought more about the quiet beauty of yesterday. How a little white flocking can make even the most mundane view a thing of wonder.
I went on about my chores and mini goals for the day. Christmas decorations taken down and put away. Laundry started and dishes done. Hmmm still not sure what to take, but I have to take something! As a last resort I can always use my Foxy Roxy as a model. She was outside today, enjoying the view of the cattle across the street.
I really didn't want to resort to dog photos so early in my 365 venture, but when the weather isn't pretty and you don't have money to drive anywhere you have to do what you have to do! So there it is I have accomplished day 2. Not real happy because I was still thinking about the frost of yesterday. Oh it was so pleasant to view!
Now I figured I was done and went back to house chores. I know from doing this type of photo project before, that everyday will not produce quality images to my liking. The main thing is sticking to a plan, a goal and completing things I start. Satisfied that I had done this today, I took one more peek outside. Whoa! I wasn't expecting that! There I go grab my camera, slip on some boots, a coat out I go...Oh what a splendid sunset to end a nice day. God sure does know how to paint a sky!
Each day brings new opportunities.I look forward to what each day will bring. June 1, 2013 is the launch date for the Ultimate Photography Adventure. I started the blog early to combine my 365 photo shoot and to get prepared for blogging when the actual trip begins.