Monday, January 7, 2013

From Beginning to End a Beautiful Day Day 7

It's always a pleasure to wake up and start my day viewing a beautiful sunrise. Here is today's waking view from my backyard.

The day was warm for January and I spent a good part of it enjoying the view from my living room window. I have a bird feeding area there and all the regulars showed up to feed.
This is a little junko. I think they are so cute! Several of these birds come to the bird feeding area.

Another one of my favorites is Mrs. Squeaky, she is a female downy woodpecker. Her and her mate both frequent the feeder. They are so beautiful!

I've been busy working on a web site for The Ultimate Photography Adventure. Just another venue to get my dream out there on the world wide web. :-) I will post the link here in a future blog.
Since I already had a few photos taken today, I thought I was done however, the sunset was just gorgeous tonight. I went out in the front yard and snapped this.

I came back inside and continued to working on my web site. I looked up a couple minutes later and realized the sunset was getting more intense. I ended up going out a couple more times. Oh how I wished I had a lake right out my front door. The layers of color would have looked even more spectacular with a reflection.

Yes indeed a beautiful day. Nice warm temps for January and one day closer to my dream.
Thanks to the power of photoshop, this is what tonight's sunset would have looked like by water.