Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Ultimate Photography Adventure Begins

The Ultimate Photography Adventure was suppose to start today. Then I realized that truly it had began way before this. I think back on some of my most vivid memories as a child. I've always been a little adventurer. At the wee age of five I would take off for walks, to see what I could see. I would visit neighbors to see how they lived life. I met some fine people and learned a lot in those days.

This is a photo of me at Christmas 1963. From the gifts I got, I guess I was expected to grow up to be a housewife!

I visited the farmer and his wife down a long country road. They showed me how to feed pigs, how to gather eggs and check them. They were so happy and they worked hard. They worked together to make the life they wanted and cherished. I visited the neighbors behind my house. They had cheese with holes in it! Swiss! I'd never before tasted such a delight. One of my favorite neighbors lived across the street. I would spend hours at their house. Mrs. Neibour taught me to how to play bridge and we would sit and have cookies and lemonade. She was a stay at home Mom and she kept her house so neat. She was proud of children and she showed me the projects they had completed. Her husband raised sheep and she had a garden with grape vines. Oh the grapes were delicious! I always wanted to know more about the world. There had to be more than what I saw at home. When my little brother got old enough. I drug him along on the adventures too. We often got in trouble!

Back then I lived for the freedom of summer days. Now the learning could really begin. I'm not saying I didn't learn anything in school, but school could painful. School is where you learn that not all people are nice, but that is another story. Finally the summer of my 10th birthday came to pass. I got my first camera! It was a Poloroid Instamatic. We went on vacation and I took photos. After that I dreamed of traveling and taking pictures of beautiful things. I sold my first photo when I was 14. It was a sunset with a shed in it. I remember feeling proud that someone wanted a picture I had taken.

Through the years I worked off and on in the photography industry. I made a pretty good living. Things got tiring after awhile dealing with the general public. I went off to learn new things and meet new people. The one constant thing was my camera. I love the memories that photos hold. Sometimes you don't realize how precious things are until you look back. Too bad we can't see those at the time.

Life went on and I went on, still taking photos all along the way. It wasn't until the year 2005, that I became passionate about photography. It was like a light came on and now nothing would stop me from recording the great beauty of the world. The digital age was exactly the format I'd dreamed of.

Yes today was suppose to mark the day I would take off and travel around the country taking photos and meeting online friends. However life has a way of trying to distract you. I have been called to jury summons for three months. That keeps me here at least until the end of July. I am also now unemployed, thanks to my back and neck problems. I don't have a decent vehicle and on and on. The thing is, even though I can't make the journey I dream of at this time. I can still have adventures! Just like when I was younger. There are things to explore right out your door. Somethings may have been there all along and I've passed them by. It's time to take a look at the world around me with the eyes of myself when I young. Everything was an adventure then!

So I will continue on and try to make the most of each day. Tonight we started a fire and roasted hotdogs. I won't give up my dream, for I know it's out there now. Each passing day, each photo I take just brings me closer to it. Have a wonderful day and dream big or don't dream at all.

If you haven't had a chance yet, please check out The Ultimate Photography Adventure page on Facebook. Thank you!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 7th -10th Days 38-41

I've been busy entering photo contests as well as contests that have things like gas cards. I figure if you don't play you can't win. Anything I can do to help my dream come true I will do. The last few days I was waiting for a blizzard that was suppose to come through. It snowed a little, but we ended up we just got mostly wind. I was looking forward to snowy photo opportunities! Winter isn't over yet, so I'm sure I'll still get a chance to do that.
If you would like to help me win a contest, here is a link where you can "VOTE" for my Dream. Thank you!
Day 38

Day 39

Day 40

Day 41
Another day closer to my dream. Now there is an easy way for you to help me with my dream...Please "Vote" for me in this dream contest.
This is the link where you can "VOTE" for my Dream. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb 1 - 6 days 32 -38

Feb has so far been uneventful and I'm happy about that! A few drab days, some nice sunsets and a little more work done on my Jeep. I don't know how long it will take to get the Jeep totally road worthy. I got an oil change, so next in line is to replace some of the old hoses, find out what is wrong with the wipers and get the radio put in.
Our first big snow storm of the season is suppose to happen this coming weekend. I'm really looking forward to that!
This video has photos from the first six days of Feb., it will open in a new window.
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It feels good to be caught up on photos and blog. Another day closer to my dream...

Playing Catch Up Days 22 through 31

I have to say I'm happy that January 2013 is behind me. It was a stressful month, but at the same time so many blessings came through to help me out. Jan. 22, I wasn't feeling well, but I still went out and took pics of the sunset. It was a beauty. Jan. 23, was a sick day. For the life of me I couldn't get warm all day long. Outside was dreary. The 24th, I made it back to work and my son had a basketball game. I had court on Friday the 25th.
Glad it's over! I was the only one in the court room besides the court reporter and the Judge. The plaintiff's attorney was on speaker phone. The Judge goes over the papers, yada yada yada...the attorney speaks...I'm pretty much just standing there up at the bench. I had to be sworn in. So anyway I give the Judge my paperwork that I got from Legal Aide...he talks more, then says he thinks the garnishment will stand, but at a different rate, since I'm head of household...Sigh! My heart dropped to my knees...I said, I want to claim the "Wild Card" exemption for my checking account...Judge says " I've never heard of that!" Ughhh! So the Capital One lawyer says, " Oh that is something the Legal Aide Lawyers, like to throw around, I don't think it's a law here in NE"...I am sweating now and standing there in disbelief! WHAT??? So there is a pause and the Capital One lawyer tells the Judge there is a case"....:" I can't remember the name of it,anyway the Judge excuses himself to go look it up. I sit there and I tell you at that point I could totally feel the prayers all coming in! It was just a couple minutes later and the Judge comes in and says, " You are right!" WOOHOO!!! Got my account unfrozen!!! and get this, it's all thanks to the honesty of the Capital One lawyer who mentioned this other case to the Judge! Now that is GOD! WOO!
Jan. 26-Thanks to a friend for loaning me the money to get another vehicle and yet another friend for giving me a super low price on the vehicle! Ya it needs some TLC for sure, but it runs Great! Drives Super! We our now proud owners of a New to Us 1993 Jeep Cherokee!
The rest of the month was pretty calm, thankfully. The weather was warm, cold and snow. I've taken photos everyday so far for my 365 project. This time I put them in this slide show.
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Here it is Feb. 6th, 2013 and I'm just now finishing up Jan.! Although I am running behind on posting, I have still been able to take photos each day. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to do a weekly blog, instead of a daily one. Maybe I'll just play it by ear and do what seems best when the time comes. Now to get caught up with Feb. :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Moon & Jupiter Day 21

I got woke up early today. My son missed the bus, thankfully my other son had to work and he drove him to school. I was tired all morning so about 9 am I went back to bed. I had the most vivid dream. I was living in this huge house by the ocean. It was an upstairs apartment, but it had like 6 bedrooms and lots of windows. I had to go down some back stairs and through a restaurant kitchen to take the dogs out. The landlady was fixing soup and one the dogs licked the pot. She was going to evict me for that!
I got the dogs down to the beach and we went walking. It was a beautiful day. The skies were blue as blue could be, with white fluffy clouds. The beach started to change and it went uphill. There were penguins and dolphins jumping into a waterfall. Yes it just kept getting weirder! Then instead of walking the dogs, I was pushing them in a baby stroller! The road kept filling up with water and I had to have someone help me get the dogs out of the stroller.
Then as dreams go, I'm suddenly in a house having an interview about a photography job. This place was full of actors and they were doing a play. The boss just happened to be the landlady's husband and he said he'd have a staircase built off my apartment so the I wouldn't have to go through the kitchen.
When I finally woke up, I had been asleep for almost 4hrs! Wow I must have been tired! Anyway later in the afternoon I went out to get my photo for the day. Nothing was really catching my eye though. I did take some of the moon, some of the ground, some of the woodpeckers that come to the feeder and later tonight I took more of the moon and Jupiter.
After I loaded the pics up on the computer I noticed I had captured Jupiter this afternoon as well. Here are a few of the shots I got today.
THE MOON & JUPITER in the East Sky about 3:40pm

The Ground

My dog Foxy Roxy. I think this one needs a cool caption. Can you think of a good one?

Ms. Hairy

Mr. Squeaky

Mrs. Sqeaky

The Moon and I think Jupiter tonight around 10:45pm

It was a nice pleasant day closer to my dream...

Monday, January 21, 2013

And again More Multiplicity! Day 20

I decided to try the multiplicity again, but outside. It's really addicting and fun!

After I saw myself duplicated or multiplied...I signed up on some site to keep track of what I eat. I really need to get in shape. Menopause just sucks! No mater what you do the fat just sticks around like a cat in heat.
Oh and I made brownies! DOH Nothing like sabotaging myself on day one! ;-)
It was a nice peaceful day and I can take more like this. Another day closer to my dream.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Multiplicity, day 19

My grand daughter Leia was here visiting over the weekend. She really liked the multiplicity photo I posted earlier this week. We did one of her by herself and one of her and her Daddy.

These are so fun to do!
This is a timeline cover for Facebook. It is of the sunset on the 19th of Jan. 2013.

A nice peaceful weekend and I got my car radiator hose fixed. I think! One day closer to my dream and one more day to be thankful for such awesome friends and family. Be blessed~! :-)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayers & Duct Tape! Day 18

It was a gorgeous morning. I got a ride to work and a ride after to work to get a few errands done.

There have been many prayers said for me this week. I appreciate that so much. I have such awesome friends! One suggested to try the car again. I did and nothing happened. I decided to lift the hood and check again. One of the hoses has duct tape on it and I squeezed that and noticed the tape was loose. Just for fun I tried to start the car again. V room V room V room!! It started! I got some more duct tape and re-tapped the hose. I put some more anti freeze in the radiator and drove to the store. I'm so relieved it started! I'll still need to get another car soon, but for now it's working!

A day with a wave of relief! I'll take that! One day closer to my dream...another thanks to all the folks who took time to say prayers!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dead Car Day 17

This is how I started my day...

My car won't start. I have no idea what is wrong with it. I think it just died. Thankfully a co-worker picked me up to take me to work. She is going to pick me up tomorrow too. Thank God for friends!
I'm exhausted, but I'm still one day closer to my dream. Although in times like the last few days, it seems farther and farther away. Blessing to all...Goodnight

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peaceful Day Day 16

It's been a long day, but a non eventful peaceful one and I'm happy for that.
The sky was so gorgeous tonite. This is my backyard, I just love that huge tree.
Dream sweet dreams! One day closer...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Multiplicity Day 15

Today was an internet research day. I found out a lot of good information about consumer rights. Not only do you need to file for a hearing, you need to also file a property exemption. Each state has different but similar laws regarding creditors or bottom feeder collection agencies from robbing you blind. Anyway I should be able to get my bank account unfrozen!
Since today I was just stressed out and tired from all the reading, oh and I got another bill from a creditor that is NOT mine! ( I already sent them a dispute letter and contacted a lawyer who specializes in suing Northland Corp. Inc)....
While I was doing research online and checking in on Facebook here and there, I stumbled upon a tutorial for Multiplicity. It was on Photoshop Roadmap and it stars this really cool dude who is a photoshop whiz! Here is what I came up with. This is me all stressed out, in sweats, no makeup, hair not combed...but oh well I didn't have enough energy to try to good. LoL

This was so fun and really let me get a bit of stress out. The tutorial for how to do this is here:
I am going to do this again sometime, in a different location. It's totally fun you should try it. I'd love to see yours! If you do it, just leave a link to yours in the comment section below. Thanks!
Another day closer to my dream....

Give up or Fight Day 14

You never know what a day will bring. You just have to take it as it comes. I woke up to below freezing temps.

Brrr way cold, but my trusty little KIA started! I let it run awhile so it would be warm. Today I was taking my cat Cookie to the vet. I drove to Bridgeport, went into the vet office and had to leave Cookie. They were super busy and needed to work her in. My phone is off due to lack of funds, so I asked them to call my son at his place of work.
After leaving the vet office, I drove past the river and it looked so beautiful! However I couldn't see a way to get close enough to get any photos, so I proceeded to the Bridgeport State Recreational Area. It was pretty enough there, so I drove around and took a few pics.

Can you see the steam coming up off the water? I love the sparkly snow and sun made it seem warmer than it really was.

I proceeded to drive around a bit and take more photos. Then out of no where I heard a "You should go back to the river" Figuring I have plenty of time I drove back that way. As I was driving over the bridge I noticed a road that led straight to the river bank. Now I have been down here many times and have never noticed it before. I turned the car around and proceeded back over the bridge and made a turn onto this little road. Perfect location to get out and walk beside the North Platte River.
The cold didn't bother me at all. It was so fresh and pretty out and I love watching the Canada Geese.

I found the ice chunks floating down the river fascinating! The steam coming up off the water meeting the cold air, just gave everything a magical cast. Like always I took tons of shots and I'll share a few here.

January 14, 2013, quite the gorgeous day! I walked back to the car and proceed to drive to the gas station. I put my debit card in and waited to pump. WHAT? Sale Declined! WHAT? I just put my check in the bank. I went inside to try the card there figuring there had to be a mistake. Nope same thing came up "Sale Declined" Now I have had this checking account for 7 yrs. Never a bad check or declined anything! I promptly got back in my car and headed for the bank. Crying and wondering what had gone wrong? Oh no and I had Cookie at the vet!
I went to the bank and they said my account had been frozen. A garnishment from Capitol One. This can't be right, I haven't had a Capitol One card since the late 90's and that has long since been taken care of! Nothing the Bank can do, I have to go to the court house.
My son works at a store next to the bank, so I go in there just sobbing. I had to use his phone to call the vet and ask them not to look at Cookie, as I now have no way to pay for it. They said okay and I let them know I would be there soon too pick her up. Call two, I had to call my landlady as my rent check had yet to show up in the bank and when it does, the funds are now frozen. Wow I'm thankful she was very understanding to say the least. She is a total blessing for sure.
I'm very upset at this point, but all I can do is go get my cat and pray for the best. When I got to the vet, they had examined Cookie and decided she had neurological issues. They gave me the medicine she needed and the bill that was zero, thanks to a kind soul! WOW now that was amazing!
I drove Cookie home, gave her the medicine and laid her in her favorite spot by the heater. I borrowed my son's phone and called the court house. The lady at the clerks office was so nice and said she would have the papers to fight this ready when I got there. I took this photo through the passenger window, while I was waiting for a train.
The Sugar Factory

I made it to the court house and filled out the proper paperwork and I have a court date to fight the garnishment, on Jan. 25, 2013. I will fight this. It's not my bill for one and for two, I haven't had a credit card since 2001 and that was a Chase card which is already satisfied and canceled. I live Credit Card free. Credit cards are bad news in my book. I also checked my credit report and there is nothing on it to do with this. I checked one from a couple years ago as well and nothing on either one from Capitol One. What's in your Wallet?? I hope it's not a +Capitol One card!
What a stressful day, I was so emotionally drained last night. However I did get my spirits lifted by watching the setting sun.

One day closer to my dream, one day of deciding to fight and not take any crap. Have a wonderful day and remember God is always with you! Be Blessed :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be Patient and it Will Come Day 13

I ended yesterday with no running water in the house and today began the same way. It was still about zero out. The sunrise was pretty at least.

After I roamed around outside a bit, I went back in the house to devise a plan of action to get the water running. When my son Jon woke up we went outside and lifted the top cover off the well. I pulled out the heat lamp and plugged it in. It didn't work! So much for those plans. So we drove to Menards to get another heat lamp bulb. When we got there we saw this and laughed!

I guess you might as well have fun! We went into Menards found the heat lamp bulbs, got some water and some candy. Then we headed back home to accomplish the task we started earlier.
We got back home, and once more lifted the cover off the well. I put in the new bulb, we plugged it in and nothing! Ughh!! So now we realize the plug in by the well isn't working. Time for plan B I guess! We ended up plugging the lamp into the socket in the garage. Wa la! Yay it worked.
I put the heat lamp back in the well and Jon helped me saw off some of the little tree branches so we could get the well cover back on properly. All done, now we wait!

A. The light switch that didn't work. Also the breaker box that when I checked later had tripped itself off!
B. The well cover that we took off and replaced 3 times. That thing is heavy and I'm feeling lifting that thing as I type this!
C. The garage where we plugged in the heat lamp.
D. The tree we had to trim, so we could get the well cover to fit back on.
Now last time the well froze over, it only took about 30 minutes. After waiting about 1.5 hours, nothing was happening. I went back out and looked at the breaker and it had tripped itself off. I got it back on and decided since it was only about zero out, I needed some snow to melt so we could at least flush the toilet! However knowing I'd have to be patient and wait for the water to come back on, I went back in the house and grabbed the camera. Time to take a few pics.It's always nice to have a little diversion while waiting on a project to complete.

I took a lot more pics of the snow and sky, then I figured I'd go check to see if the water was running yet. Nope, not yet! So I cut a water bottle to make a scoop, got a plastic bag and went back outside to get snow to melt.

I had no idea it would take so much snow! I filled up the white garbage bag three times! I put the snow in the tub and melted the snow on the stove. That snow was cold and it took forever and a day it seemed to melt it all. Finally I got enough to fill the back of toilet. FLUSH! All that work for one flush, gosh we are spoiled huh? It wasn't long after I melted all the snow, that low and guessed it, the water came back on! YAY the heat lamp worked, we are back from a blast of the past.
It was a pleasant day, even if we were without water for most of it. A gorgeous day really. The sunset was gorgeous again too.

The temps were all most at zero again at sunset. I'll be leaving the water drip drip drip tonight!

I guess if I would have just been more patient, I wouldn't have had to get snow and melt it. However I'll just mark that down as today's exercise. :-) One day closer to my dream and one day happy as a clam we have running water in the house again! Be Blessed...