Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 7th -10th Days 38-41

I've been busy entering photo contests as well as contests that have things like gas cards. I figure if you don't play you can't win. Anything I can do to help my dream come true I will do. The last few days I was waiting for a blizzard that was suppose to come through. It snowed a little, but we ended up we just got mostly wind. I was looking forward to snowy photo opportunities! Winter isn't over yet, so I'm sure I'll still get a chance to do that.
If you would like to help me win a contest, here is a link where you can "VOTE" for my Dream. Thank you!
Day 38

Day 39

Day 40

Day 41
Another day closer to my dream. Now there is an easy way for you to help me with my dream...Please "Vote" for me in this dream contest.
This is the link where you can "VOTE" for my Dream. Thank you!