Friday, January 4, 2013

Future Potential Day 4

After relearning the lesson (have your camera at all times), I did see one of the Eagles in a tree that I couldn't take a pic of yesterday. The photo opp wasn't as good as it would have been yesterday. However at least I know where they hang out and can work on getting a better vantage point.

On my drive back from the bank this afternoon, I took a detour to check out the North Platte River. I had noticed a ton of Canada Geese flying over head. Often I check out spots for future shots. I then wait for optimal light, clouds, sunset etc. and go back to those spots to re shoot. Today served as a great opportunity for that. I can just see this spot on a beautiful sunset evening with the geese flying off into the sunset.

Often there are Eagles that hang out when the Canada Geese arrive. I spotted this juvenile close to where the geese where.

I'm still waiting for that awesome shot to present itself. I know will come, the most important thing is that I keep at it. One thing that will help with my journey is the lower price of gas. I was so excited to see the price today! It's still higher than I prefer, but so much better than previous prices that topped out at $4.00 a gallon.

Another day done and one step closer to my dream.