Thursday, January 3, 2013

Golden Rule Broken Day 3

One of the golden rules of many, if not all true photographers is, Never be without your camera! So today was my first day back to work after a lovely five days off. It was cold out and I was in a hurry AND I left my camera home. Well if you haven't already guessed it, YES I missed a super shot! I saw two Bald Eagles sitting in a tree. The sky was a nice shade of blue and light was nice as well. I'm happy I got to see them, but I really would have liked a pic of them.

So I come home and open the shades to let some sun in. I really love the heart shaped crystal I bought at Garden Gate in Bayard, NE. It makes the prettiest rainbows all over the wall. Ginger the cat was sitting by the floor lamp soaking up the rays. Once again, not the photo I wanted, but it will suffice for day 3 photo.

Day three, lesson learned and I'm still happy I got so many neat photos on day one. Here are a couple more from the first day of the year.

Now I'll ponder what day four will bring!