Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be Patient and it Will Come Day 13

I ended yesterday with no running water in the house and today began the same way. It was still about zero out. The sunrise was pretty at least.

After I roamed around outside a bit, I went back in the house to devise a plan of action to get the water running. When my son Jon woke up we went outside and lifted the top cover off the well. I pulled out the heat lamp and plugged it in. It didn't work! So much for those plans. So we drove to Menards to get another heat lamp bulb. When we got there we saw this and laughed!

I guess you might as well have fun! We went into Menards found the heat lamp bulbs, got some water and some candy. Then we headed back home to accomplish the task we started earlier.
We got back home, and once more lifted the cover off the well. I put in the new bulb, we plugged it in and nothing! Ughh!! So now we realize the plug in by the well isn't working. Time for plan B I guess! We ended up plugging the lamp into the socket in the garage. Wa la! Yay it worked.
I put the heat lamp back in the well and Jon helped me saw off some of the little tree branches so we could get the well cover back on properly. All done, now we wait!

A. The light switch that didn't work. Also the breaker box that when I checked later had tripped itself off!
B. The well cover that we took off and replaced 3 times. That thing is heavy and I'm feeling lifting that thing as I type this!
C. The garage where we plugged in the heat lamp.
D. The tree we had to trim, so we could get the well cover to fit back on.
Now last time the well froze over, it only took about 30 minutes. After waiting about 1.5 hours, nothing was happening. I went back out and looked at the breaker and it had tripped itself off. I got it back on and decided since it was only about zero out, I needed some snow to melt so we could at least flush the toilet! However knowing I'd have to be patient and wait for the water to come back on, I went back in the house and grabbed the camera. Time to take a few pics.It's always nice to have a little diversion while waiting on a project to complete.

I took a lot more pics of the snow and sky, then I figured I'd go check to see if the water was running yet. Nope, not yet! So I cut a water bottle to make a scoop, got a plastic bag and went back outside to get snow to melt.

I had no idea it would take so much snow! I filled up the white garbage bag three times! I put the snow in the tub and melted the snow on the stove. That snow was cold and it took forever and a day it seemed to melt it all. Finally I got enough to fill the back of toilet. FLUSH! All that work for one flush, gosh we are spoiled huh? It wasn't long after I melted all the snow, that low and guessed it, the water came back on! YAY the heat lamp worked, we are back from a blast of the past.
It was a pleasant day, even if we were without water for most of it. A gorgeous day really. The sunset was gorgeous again too.

The temps were all most at zero again at sunset. I'll be leaving the water drip drip drip tonight!

I guess if I would have just been more patient, I wouldn't have had to get snow and melt it. However I'll just mark that down as today's exercise. :-) One day closer to my dream and one day happy as a clam we have running water in the house again! Be Blessed...