Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Reflecting Back on 2005 part 7

This part is hard to look back on, but thankfully I've totally moved on and learned from this phase. 

Reflecting Back on 2005
part 7
by JdyJdyJdy

Lake Ogallala, Nebraska was a regroup spot. Granny and I hardly talked there the first day. Jonathan was probably sick of both of us as well. He spent most of his time at the camp across the road.

He really liked those people and they did not mind him hanging out. He even ate with them! lol Jonathan was really good the whole trip. However when we got here he was being a bit ornery.

Notice Candy is right behind him. She rarely lets that boy out of her site. This picture was taken after a spat with Granny. Now she was picking on Jonathan. However Jonathan has a way to take the heat off himself.

The bathroom was a bit of hike from our campsite. I walked with Jon over to Granny's site. Then he said he was to tired to walk the rest of the way to the bathroom and wanted me to go get the car to drive him. Well he only had a little ways to go! Granny piped up and said just go its not that far and its farther for your Mom to walk back and get the car, Just go now! Jonathan turned and looked at her, thought about it for a minute and said, " Well I can't, I have a rock in my pocket." We all bust out laughing! He cracked me up with that comment, I ended up just walking the short distance with him to the bathroom. After laughing so hard at that "rock in the pocket" comment Heck I had to go to now.

I had to drive in town to the store everyday to get ice. We only had this small cooler and it did not hold much.

The store had cold cooked shrimp on sale with cocktail sauce. Yummy! I got a small one for each of us, yes Granny too! Jon decided he did not want his, so I said well go give it to your friend over there. Well they must not have wanted it either because they used it for bait! lol It was those peoples first time ever camping. It was fun to watch them try and start a fire with green wood! Also they were trying to fish for the first time. They let Jon fish with too. Then we all heard a big hoop and holler! WOOHOO Oh MAN ! WOW! ha those shrimp had came in handy. This is the fish they caught. A nice big Catfish!

We stayed here at Lake Ogallala about 3 or 4 days. It was just to hot(100+) to travel with dogs and kid in the car. Jon and the dogs cooled off in the water. I don't even remember what I did. I think I was pretty much in a daze about this time. Granny had decided we were going back to Rapid City. She was going to stay at her friend Janice's and sleep in a real bed! However Jon and I ended up at my sister-in-laws.

We got to Rapid City then Granny and I went our separate ways! What a relief. We had spent way to much time together anyway. My sister-in-law is actually one of my very best friends who just happened to marry the twin to Jonathan's dad, my ex! At first we thought it was really cool! Then things changed and not for the good.

Anyway we stayed there and I looked for work. It was nice to at least have a real bathroom and shower when ever I wanted. The tent was just for sleeping in at night. I was enjoying spending time with DeeDee (sister-in-law). It did make me sick to see her wait on her hubby hand and foot like some migrant slave, but hey that's her business not mine!

Jonathan loved playing with his cousin Amber. His Dad came over to visit for like 5 minutes. After he left Jon cried. He had not seen his son in over 3 months and it was more important for him to go see his girlfriend in jail! Not to mention he had been having sex with his best friends mother so he could get free rent. Egad! He promised to come back later that day but he never showed up. You know drink and drugs are way more important! *rolls eyes* What a waste of a human being. Very Sad actually. :(

He did stop by a few more times, but always had some druggie with him and Dee Dee didn't want them in her house. I did not want Jon around them anyway. However the time in Rapid City did confirm I had definitely made the correct choice in leaving this man in Sept 2003!

A few days passed and here she comes....Yes Granny returns! lol
She said, "well we need to go back to Lake Minatare. I can not stay at Janice's any longer. They are working me to death. I am just to old to do all that work! They are feeding me good, but I can't do it. When do you want to leave?" Oh boy! I told her I had to think about it, I had job applications in and might be able to rent DeeDee's house because they were moving.

Well Jonathan's dad made another appearance and I got to thinking it would probably be nothing but trouble if I stayed in Rapid City. The rent is high anyway and the jobs do not pay squat. Granny comes back over and we decide to head out and go back to Lake Minatare, NE.

We traveled well over 3000 and some odd miles to end up back where I was when Granny showed up the first time! lol

Well time to break again...heck part 8 next...part 7 was just a drag...lots of lessons learned though and confirmations made. I guess there is a reason for everything. Part 8 Granny is back full force! nuff