Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Reflecting Back on 2005 Part 6

I can still remember how good that shower felt! I still can't comprehend how rude my Mom was to that lady at the Motel in Clayton. What a journey this had become. Looking back now, I wonder how many wonderful things I missed, because of the circumstances and attitudes. One thing I did learn, was to be thankful for everything. 

Reflecting Back on 2005
part 6
by JdyJdyJdy

The night in the motel was really refreshing and much appreciated. We were in Clayton NM. Time for the long haul to Ogallala , NE.

As you can probably tell by the Map, we were on the secondary roads. First stop was Elkhart, KS. We pretty much breezed right through Oklahoma with no calamity. It was a nice pretty day, one made for road tripping.

From Elkhart we headed off toward Syracuse. This part of the trip was like the eye in the storm. Calm! :) We stopped for gas and potty breaks and not much was really said. 

Somewhere along the line from Syracuse, KS to Ogallala. Granny decided we should head to Rapid City, SD and not back to Lake Minatare.  I am thinking WHATEVER! These roads were getting smaller and smaller, it was getting darker and darker. I do not care much for driving at night anyway. There were no campsites in sight anywhere on the map or otherwise on this 2 lane road. Heck there were barely any cars! My thought was if we had car trouble it could be days to find help! At least if we were on Interstate there are plenty of people around. Anyway I was getting a bit pissed now.

Granny kept pulling over in nowhere land. She said I was driving to slow. Well hell, I cant see shit! I am used to following the white line on the right side of road at night. There was not a white line on these cow paths, she called roads! So I said." you lead then!"

 Ya right what was I thinking? She did not want to lead. Blind leading the blind anyway so who cares who leads.

We finally get back to driving and driving. Jonathan knew things were tense. I tend to cuss while driving when pissed. Ha! Anyway he hands me a pop and says, " Mommy can you open this?" Sure why not! Geez! Okay so I grab the can and open it.....SWISHWHISH SPLIRT! UGGGG! Pop everywhere!!!...."giggles from the back seat.

 It was so unexpected I had no choice but to laugh too! Pop on me, my glasses, the windshield, the dogs! I gave the can back to Jonathan. He said, "Sorry I forgot I shook it up first!" I just wanted to see what would happen." Kids! lol

More driving and driving. I was getting really really tired. Finally a campground sign. The atmosphere outside was quickly changing. I really could hardly see anything now...FOG! We made it to the campground to find out it was really an RV park. Granny said, "lets just pull over here and sleep." WHAT? Just sleep in the cars??? What?? I got out the map and said, "Look! Here is the campground you wanted to go to, its about 5 more miles."

 Okay so we went to try to find it in the FOG! This was truly a mistake. I turned the wrong direction first. The camp station was closed. Granny was pissed! She said, "You are just doing this to waste gas and it's my money!" I am broke now. You are going to have to do something." I bit my lip, wanted to just scream! Got back in the car we turned around and tried the other way. It was clear the hell back on some skinny ass one lane road and FULL! UGG! Besides we could not see anything to well.

Theme of the trip so far was go back where you started! lol So we drove back to the RV park and sat in the cars. No one was awake in the RV park. I felt really weird sitting there. I tried to sleep, but just could not. It was nearing dawn again by this time, So I told Granny I was going to call a friend to send me some cash. At this point I was wanting to just leave her ass in the RV park! Get the cash and head back to Lake Minatare and continue with the first plan I started.

I went to a nearby truck stop, called my friend Disa from South Dakota and told her Granny had wigged out on me yet again and I needed money to get back to Rapid City or Lake Minatare. Her boyfriend Larry was a truck driver so he knew the truck stop. They both thought they could Western Union. I thanked her and she said to call back in a hour or so. She would have to go to the bank and all that jazz.

Well I just stayed at the truck stop. I was on empty once again. It was getting extremely hot already and it was early in the morning. I found a place to park near some bushes. Got the dogs tied out and gave them water and just sat in the car. I called an hour later and there was a problem. The money had to be wired by credit card or something. Anyway it would take till 2:30 in the afternoon! So back to the hot car.

I decided to change clothes and try to clean up in the bathroom. I got Jonathan some clean clothes too. Made sure the dogs were securely tied. A trucker walked up. The dogs barked for a bit. He said they were beautiful dogs, so they pretty much shut up then. I decided to put Sammy in the Jeep and then I walked to the truck stop with clothes in hand and Jonathan close by. The trucker was already inside by now. He saw us come in and asked if we would like a shower. I said YES! He gave me a ticket for a free shower. Oh that was awesome! :) 

Jonathan and I got cleaned up and got back to the car to find no SAMMY D! He had gotten out of the car. I left him in because he chews ropes and I did not want him wandering around the truck stop. Well I had forgot to close the back window. Shoot where is he?

We called for him and nothing. Then here comes two cop cars! I am thinking what now?? They said, "Your Mother is worried about you, she thought you might have taken off" I just laughed! I was like WHAT? I said, " I am sorry she called you, I told her I was coming here to get some money. I am still waiting. I can not go anywhere because I am out of gas!" WOOF WOOF...out runs Sammy D! After the cops! Oh shit....I caught him just in time. Got him  hooked up on a lead.

The cops were good spirited thankfully. They totally understood about everything. One of them said," I told your Mom you were over here. I seen your car here earlier." Now mind you Granny was only about 1/4 mile away! She could actually see my friggin Jeep from where she was parked at the RV park!! Anyway one of the cops went to tell her to just come over to the truck stop.

Crimminie! There was more waiting to be done and then Granny makes it the whole 1/4 mile over and parked by us. Complained about how HOT it was etc. She said, " I thought you left me back there" LMAO! I was thinking Ya I sure wanted too!!

Finally it was time to make another call, then the money came for gas. During the time we were waiting we found the correct directions to camp at the nearby lake. Off we go...well I think Granny is right behind me. She was there when we got directions! There were quite a few twists and turns and by the time I got to the lake I had no clue where she was!

 I scouted around for a campsite and couldn't find a suitable one. Then here she comes! Eyes blazing to kill! She was friggin pissed! HOW COULD YOU LOSE ME ON PURPOSE LIKE THAT? I just rolled my eyes and said , "WELL YOU FOUND ME DIDN'T YOU? Needless to say we were pretty much sick to death of each other at this time!

I got out of the car and filled up the water bottles. I asked the park attendant about the sign for camping at the Lake that was right across the highway. He said its less crowded and there are more grassy spots there.  So I tell Granny lets go over there. Its less crowed and more grassy spots. She says, "Are you going to try and lose me again?" I said, " It's right across the fucking highway! How can I loose you!"

So off we go to camp at Lake Ogallala.

I set up camp and made sure there was not a good one close to me! So here is where Granny set up....LMAO!

It was a nice little break too! My dogs could play in the water, I did not have to worry about Sammy and Myatuk fighting. I fixed supper and walked it over to Granny. She did not want to come to my camp to eat, because she did not want to leave her dog that far away! Oh did I mention I cooked every meal? Washed all the camp dishes except for one or two times? Oh ya, well I did! lol

Part 6 is over,,,, next is a few days at Ogallala, Rapid City and a visit from the ex...the journey is almost over.....

Oh and here is the Cat...Milo this shot was from Jemez, NM

Side Note: I forgot that before we left the motel in Clayton, Granny was freaking out because she could not find the cat! He had somehow squeezed his fat cat bod out of the cracked window and was up in the car engine! :) He is fine! We found him before she started the car.:)