Friday, March 27, 2015

Just take the first Step

I've been thinking about my initial dream of driving an RV cross country and visiting all 50 states and viewing all the National Parks. That dream started a little over 2 yrs ago. Since then I've been plagued with health issues and along with that financial decline. I haven't given up on my dream! Over the past two years I have been able to travel a little bit, more than I thought I'd get to do. I need to get those photos up in this blog soon and start compiling all the things that I have gotten to do. I need to start thinking of all the positives and leave the negatives at the door. Lately I've watched a lot of movies about hiking, like "The Way" and " The Wild". These gave me a new motivation to relook at my dream and maybe go about it in another way! It's super expensive to have an RV and gas prices are heading back up again. Plus I don't have an RV! While it would be comfy and nice, for me at this time it's not an option. So I decided the thing I do have is feet!
All it takes is, to take the first step. I did that today! I walked a mile around my property. Just in that short time I got to take some beautiful photos.
I need a lot of practice before I do any big through hikes, like in the movies I watched, but that's okay! I have to start somewhere and where better than my own yard? I have chronic pain with the fibromyalgia and also migraines along with a few other issues. I plan to heal myself, one day at a time and a little more each day by hiking in nature. I feel like this choice is more realistic for me at this time. Although by the end of the one mile today I could barely move and my back was on fire, I still made the one mile! To do the first through trail I want to try, which is the Cowboy Trail here in NE. I will need to be able to walk at least 14 miles in a day. That is the longest segment of this hike. If you would like to see more about the Cowboy Trail their web site is: There are shorter day hikes near my home and my son and I are going to practice on those this summer. Make everyday an adventure! Big or small they all count!